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Getting Started with oc-id and Supermarket

Enterprise Chef 11.2.0 includes oc-id, the OAuth2 service that powers   After upgrading to this release, Chef customers can run their own Supermarket service behind a firewall. oc-id setup: 1: Add the following setting to your /etc/opscode/private-chef.rb configuration file and

Behaving Responsibly in the Chef Community

Today one of our most prolific community members announced his decision to leave Chef and go on a software engineering sabbatical, in part because of how he was treated by a few members in our community. As a company, Chef

Serving Up Delight at the Community Summits

We are excited to announce this year’s Chef Community Summits! The Chef Community Summit is a a unique opportunity for open-source contributors, Chef engineers, and Chef users of all experience levels to come together and share their passion and excitement

On Joining Chef

As many of you in the Community have seen by now, I recently joined Chef as a Vice President (more on what in particular I will be up to in a minute). I first came across the open source Chef

Jez Humble Joins Chef as Vice President of Development Velocity

Continuous Delivery Pioneer to Play Leadership Role at Chef as Enterprise DevOps Adoption Surges SEATTLE – August 20, 2014 – Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced Jez Humble has joined the company as vice president of development

Cookbook Dependency API Postmortem

On Tuesday, August 12th at 15:10 UTC, the cookbook dependency API provided by Supermarket became unusable. We are very sorry for this outage and interruption to workflow. In this post, I will explain what happened and the mitigation steps we

Welcome More New Chefs!

Continuing our series of updates on the new Chefs joining our engineering corps., we have another group of three delightful folks who have come on board.

Supermarket Dependency API Errors – Postmortem Meeting

Earlier this morning, a Supermarket code deployment caused the dependency API at /universe to start returning errors. Redis became unreachable, resulting in Berkshelf v3.x clients failing to resolve dependencies. At Chef, we conduct postmortem meetings for outages and issues with

Windows Automation Testing w/Chef by @mwrockx

Our friend Matt Wrock, a software engineer at CenturyLink Cloud, recently wrote a tremendous “how to” blog on Windows automation testing using Chef, Vagrant, and Test Kitchen. Matt writes: I work for CenturyLink Cloud and infrastructure automation is front and

New Features on the Supermarket

The Supermarket keeps getting better. In addition to the everyday improvements that we are pushing out all the time, we enabled two big features last week.