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Guest editorial: “How to find your continuous delivery rhythm” by Jez Humble

The third entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Jez Humble, author of the book Continuous Delivery and principal at ThoughtWorks. Jez examines how the lower cost of product development means companies

Over 10,000,000 served!

This month the Chef project crossed a major milestone: over 10 million downloads of open source Chef! THANK YOU for using Chef to automate all your things!

Is the Chef learning curve worth it?

This post is comes from Steven Murawski, Chef’s newest Technical Community Manager and Instructor. It originally appeared on Steven’s blog here. Wow.. I haven’t even had my first day at Chef and I’ve landed a doozy of a question from

Berkshelf API Issues – Postmortem Meeting

Earlier today we were alerted to an issue where Berkshelf v3 clients were crashing upon attempting to download cookbooks. We were able to identify an issue where Supermarket was returning HTTP URLs instead of HTTPS URLs in the Berkshelf API

Supermarket Intermittent Unresponsiveness Postmortem

Approximately two hours after Supermarket became the official community site it started to experience increased latency and intermittent unresponsiveness. This made downloading cookbooks problematic and effected various sites including,,, and We are sorry for the problems

Welcome (more) New Chefs!

Continuing our series of posts on new engineering (or engineering-related) additions to the Chef team, today we’re highlighting a number of folks who joined over the past week.

Guest Editorial: “Build fast, then build right” by Kate Matsudaira

The second entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Kate Matsudaira, founder of popforms. Kate takes a look at the various degrees of speed and scale at play in IT today, and

Supermarket Grand Opening

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Supermarket – the new Chef community site! On July 7th, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT (2014–07–07 19:00 UTC) we will close the old community site and redirect all traffic to

Chef as a Community

Hi! This is a long blog post, but it has a few important action items at its conclusion. If you care about the evolution of the Chef Community, or are considering going to the Community Summit, you should totally read

Highlights from Velocity 2014

We had a ton of fun at Velocity last week! Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth, our hack, our sessions, or stopped us in the hallway for a chat. And thank you to the whole O’Reilly