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Behaving Responsibly in the Chef Community

Today one of our most prolific community members announced his decision to leave Chef and go on a software engineering sabbatical, in part because of how he was treated by a few members in our community. As a company, Chef


This was originally posted on An email recently came across one of the mailing lists I subscribe to. I wanted to share my answer here, because this is an important discussion. Is DSC for Setup or Management? Yes (notice, it’s

On Joining Chef

As many of you in the Community have seen by now, I recently joined Chef as a Vice President (more on what in particular I will be up to in a minute). I first came across the open source Chef

Jez Humble Joins Chef as Vice President of Development Velocity

Continuous Delivery Pioneer to Play Leadership Role at Chef as Enterprise DevOps Adoption Surges SEATTLE – August 20, 2014 – Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced Jez Humble has joined the company as vice president of development

“Enjoy the Work”: Finding the work/life balance

Recently MongoDB CEO Max Schireson wrote a compelling and personal blog about why he was stepping down as the company’s CEO. Max’s post on his struggle to find balance with his professional and personal lives sparked conversation here at Chef,

Guest editorial: “How to find your continuous delivery rhythm” by Jez Humble

The third entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Jez Humble, author of the book Continuous Delivery and principal at ThoughtWorks. Jez examines how the lower cost of product development means companies

Guest Editorial: “Build fast, then build right” by Kate Matsudaira

The second entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Kate Matsudaira, founder of popforms. Kate takes a look at the various degrees of speed and scale at play in IT today, and

Highlights from Velocity 2014

We had a ton of fun at Velocity last week! Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth, our hack, our sessions, or stopped us in the hallway for a chat. And thank you to the whole O’Reilly

#ChefTalks: “Realities of Empowerment” w/ Jez Humble and Rachel Chalmers

Another new video in our continuing series of #ChefTalks, with Jez and Rachel discussing the myths of failure within organizations, the challenges to real empowerment, and the importance of safety. “People have to understand that failure and success is not

#ChefTalks: Culture and Diversity in DevOps w/Rachel Chalmers and Jez Humble

Today we have another video in our ongoing #ChefTalks video series. Once again, Rachel Chalmers and Jez Humble are providing fresh perspectives and insights into culture, diversity, and change in IT. The below video provides a quick look at culture