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Leading Enterprises Embrace Web-Scale IT Automation with Chef

Chef Continues Rapid Growth, Strengthens Partner Ecosystem, and Broadens Community Footprint to Help Companies Thrive in Today’s Digital Economy SEATTLE – April 14, 2014 – Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced that this week’s #ChefConf 2014 will

Hello, developers!

I’m pleased to join Chef this week as technical content lead for I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and talk a bit about my role here and how I can help you. My background mainly

Companies Need to Change How They Change

After a slight delay, I’m continuing my blog series on why Enterprise IT is too slow for business today and how we solve this problem. The real business challenge in this, the second decade of the 21st century, is moving

#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Hunting the DevOps Whale in Large Enterprises” by Justin Arbuckle of GE Capital

We’re now two weeks away from #ChefConf 2014 and super excited to see so many Awesome Chefs come together. Continuing our spotlight on #ChefConf talks, this post profiles a very special look into a segment of one of the world’s

Chef in the Clouds Part I: AWS @ #ChefConf

As many of you know, AWS uses Chef as the default automation engine for its application management solution AWS Opsworks. We think that’s very cool and nice validation for Chef. Chef is also the exclusive DevOps solution for Amazon’s Activate

#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Pursuing New Ideas in a Large Enterprise” by Target’s Jeff Einhorn

The steady march to #ChefConf (April 15-17 in San Francisco) continues with another spotlight on one of the many tremendous presentations that will go down at our third annual shindig. Jeff Einhorn, Target’s Group Manager for Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture,

#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Chef @ Scale – Patterns for Success” from Yahoo

The countdown to #ChefConf continues as we spotlight the many Awesome Chefs presenting at the show, which takes place April 15-17 in San Francisco. Today we’re highlighting a presentation that focuses on something we hear a lot in association with

#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Cynic to Believer” from Schuberg Philis’ Sander van Harmelen

With four weeks to go until #ChefConf, we’re continuing to highlight the many Awesome Chefs presenting at the show. Today we’re previewing “Cynic to Believer – A Continuous Delivery Story w/Chef” by Sander van Harmelen from Schuberg Phillis. Sander’s talk

Important Hosted Chef Security Notice

Dear Customers, On Wednesday morning we became aware of a misconfiguration of an exception handler for the Hosted Chef Management Console that caused username and password information for a small subset of our users to be leaked via email internally

Empowering An Entire Generation of Businesses to Deliver

Chef is surging right now. As we announced yesterday: Total sales last year grew 188 percent over 2012. Our annual recurring revenue quadrupled. Nearly 70 percent of the sales came from Fortune 1000 organizations. European sales grew 400 percent YoY.