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Awesome Community Chef: Jon Cowie – “(Knife) Sporking Awesomeness”

Computers have fascinated Jon Cowie since he was little. So much so, that he dreamed of being a developer from an early age after encountering BASIC in old Atari magazines. He pursued this dream all the way through university, where

Just Released – Update to Knife Plugin for Google Compute Engine

The folks at Google have just published a major update to “knife-google” plugin for Google Compute Engine. Included in this update is a removal of the “gcutil” tookit as an external dependency, meaning that knife-google users can talk directly to

Announcing Chef for OpenStack Folsom

Chef for OpenStack provides a centralized, defined collection of code and best practices for using Chef to create and automate entire OpenStack infrastructures, as well as to launch entire application stacks on top of OpenStack clouds.

Get a Preview of Chef’s Integration with Google Compute Engine

Leading up to the June launch of Google Compute Engine, the Opscode team spent several months working with Google to build out a knife plugin for the new IaaS offering. The prospect of combining the consistency and automation of a

Rule the Cloud – Now w/Google, too.

Brass Tacks: With our announcement today of integration with Google Compute Engine, yesterday’s news on “Chef for OpenStack”, and previous integration news with Azure and HP Cloud, Opscode Chef is now playing a central role in the best practices for

Chef for OpenStack

UPDATE: You can learn more about our work w/Intel in a blog post from Billy Cox. Opscode is pleased to announce the launch of our Chef for OpenStack project, a reference deployment for building and managing OpenStack clouds. There are

Working with Knife and HP Cloud Services

We are excited to announce the availability of the new Opscode Knife plugin for HP Cloud Services. This plugin gives knife the ability to create, bootstrap and manage instances in HP Cloud Services Compute, currently in beta. knife hp server

Chef Support for Citrix CloudStack 3

Our friends at Citrix & the open source community have just released CloudStack 3.  This a significant update to the CloudStack platform, which adds support for NetScaler loadbalancers & integration with the OpenStack Swift storage system. I’m excited every time I

New knife plugin for Voxel

Our good friends at Voxel have published a new knife plugin for provisioning and managing Voxel cloud instances. The gem is available on RubyGems and you can install it with gem install knife-voxel If you feel like digging into the