Enterprise Chef makes it easy to deploy servers and scale applications throughout your entire infrastructure. Automating your infrastructure accelerates time to market, helps you to manage scale and complexity, and safeguards your systems.

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Enterprise-class features and support

Enterprise Chef adds a number of key features to Chef's powerful software delivery platform including:

  • Role-based access control
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Centralized reporting
  • Activity monitoring
  • Push client runs
  • Enhanced management console
  • Available as a hosted service or for installation on premises

Enterprise Chef also includes standard support and available 24/7/365 support options backed by Chef's team of automation experts.

Plans & Pricing

Enterprise Chef is free for up to five nodes. Start your free trial today.

The following plans are available:

Free Launch Standard Premium
Price per Month Free $120 $300 $600
Nodes 5 20 50 100
Standard Support
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Manage Complex Infrastructure at Any Scale

Use Chef to quickly deliver product and services and adapt to shifts in the market. Automation means that you can set up your infrastructure with the push of a few buttons. Be ready to deploy new features in minutes rather than days.

Facebook improves business efficiency and flexibility with Chef.

"Chef provided an automation solution flexible enough to bend to our scale dynamics without requiring us to change our workflow."
Phil Dibowitz
Production Engineer, Facebook

Automate build, test, configuration and deployment functions

Speed up the delivery of new products and features. Build an automated delivery pipeline to continuously build, test and deploy new features and applications.

Ancestry.com deployed Chef across its large-scale IT infrastructure to enable automated configuration management and continuous component delivery.

"With Chef, we've begun executing an agile development strategy, significantly accelerating the rate at which we can bring new, sophisticated services to our subscribers. Now we have the ability to make better use of our infrastructure and are more prepared for whatever changes tomorrow may bring."
John Esser
Director of Engineering Productivity and Agile Development, Ancestry.com