We are committed to providing world-class support for Enterprise Chef customers. Your success is our success.

Support Resources

#LearnChef is the best place to get started with Chef. You will find tutorials on getting your workstation set up and completing some common management tasks with Chef.

The official Chef Docs cover everything from key concepts to commands and policy.

Open a ticket with our support team about an issue you're experiencing. Your ticket will be serviced based on the severity of your issue and your service tier. Learn more about support for Chef.

Chef and Ohai source is available on Github, and Chef maintains a ticket tracker for the projects at There are many more resources available on the Chef Community Site, such as cookbooks and knife plug-ins.

We offer comprehensive training classes conducted by expert Chef employees with years of experience working in systems administration and integration. Classes are available to Enterprise Chef customers.

View the current status of our hosted service for Enterprise Chef.

View the security notices for Chef.

Our Support Team

At Chef we pride ourselves on delivering world-class support to our customers. Your success is our success. As a devops organization, we take a unique approach to solving your issues promptly and thoroughly. When a ticket is submitted to our support staff, you will work with a highly skilled and trained Chef expert.

Gone are the days of someone asking you if the unit is powered on, what color light is on the front case, or do you hear a fan noise. What's more, the support expert is not the only individual working on your issue!

Devops allows our support, development, and operations teams to work in unison to resolve your issue faster and more efficiently than traditional approaches. Any escalation occurs seamlessly and immediately, with no additional "knowledge and ticket transfer" needed. We approach support with an eye on continual improvement through customer feedback and KPI metrics.