Automation platform for the new IT

Chef delivers fast, scalable, flexible IT automation.

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Speed is the goal

In the age of digital everything, your business is a software business, no matter what industry you’re in. Your success depends on delivering applications and new services faster than ever, on the web or behind the corporate firewall.


DevOps is the way

Traditional silos between development and operations slow you down. DevOps culture speeds deployment of your apps and services by emphasizing continuous process improvement through open communication, automation and measurement.

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Automation is the key

Your automation platform should help you build a fast, flexible infrastructure. It should automate the tasks you have today and prepare you to take on more scale and complexity in the future. Chef provides all this and more.

Scalable, secure and fault tolerant
all platforms
Works on all your platforms
legacy sytems and cloud resources
Manage both legacy systems and cloud resources
on premise or hosted
Available where you need it--on premises or as hosted service
Enables innovation through rapid delivery
Maintains dependable view of your network's state
Handles complex, bidirectional dependencies across your network
Backed by community of leading companies and individuals