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Tech Leaders Showcase Chef Support at #ChefConf 2014

Chef is Collaborating with AWS, Google, HP Cloud, IBM, Juniper, Microsoft, Rackspace, VMware, and Many More to Define how Businesses Deliver Software and Services to Customers SEATTLE – April 14, 2014 – In advance of #ChefConf 2014, Chef, the leader

Chef Delivers DevOps Automation for Windows and Microsoft Azure

Integration of Enterprise Chef with Windows PowerShell and Microsoft Azure Enables Developers to Automate Workloads and Accelerate Migration to the Azure Cloud SEATTLE – April 3, 2014 – From the Microsoft Build Conference, Chef™, the leader in web-scale IT automation,

Chef Supermarket – The New Community Site

We’re Finally Making Progress On A Better Community Site Experience Chef is awesome. Our existing community site experience…OK, but not awesome. We announced plans to revamp and open source the community site at the Community Summit in November and now

Writing Libraries in Chef Cookbooks

One of the most useful extensions available to Chef cookbook authors is the ability to write and use any arbitrary Ruby code as a library. These libraries are often no more than a few lines long, but can also be

Evolution of Cookbook Development

In this post, I will explore some development patterns that I’ve seen (and done!) with Chef cookbooks, and then explain how we can evolve to a new level of cookbook development. The examples here come from Chef’s new chef-splunk cookbook, which

Chef’s Splunk Cookbook

Today I’d like to share a cookbook that we’ve developed, chef-splunk. This cookbook replaces an old internal Splunk cookbook that has served us well for quite some time, but that one was becoming more difficult to modify and extend. There is a community splunk cookbook

Awesome Community Chef: Eric Wolfe – “Game to Cook (w/Chef, Linux, Pork, Beef…)”

Eric Wolfe received a Commodore 128 computer when he was just five years old and quickly became fascinated with playing games on this new machine. The joys of tinkering with that old Commodore took him through the next decade.  Years

Upgrading Chef using Chef

One of our goals here at Chef (née Opscode) is to make installing Chef on a new node as easy as possible so that you can start enjoying the benefits of automation with minimal delay. But what happens to nodes

Doing Wrapper Cookbooks Right

One great thing about the Chef community is how various people have dreamed up ways to use Chef. One of the most popular patterns is the wrapper cookbook, first popularized by Awesome Chef Bryan Berry‘s blog post, How to Write

Community Cookbooks

Earlier this month we held the third annual Opscode Community Summit. There, we shared some lessons we’ve learned about publishing and maintaining community cookbooks. For those that could not be there, we’d like to share them with you as well.