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Getting Ready for Chef + PowerShell DSC

Today we’d like to share the Supermarket debut of the PowerShell DSC cookbook for Chef, an early preview of Chef integration with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Windows. This cookbook allows you to author recipes using any DSC resources

Managing Users and SSH Keys in a Hybrid World

Managing users is one of the contrived (but applicable) examples we use in Chef Fundamentals training to help onboard new Chefs to the idea of writing data-driven cookbooks. Whenever I run a training class, I typically end that module by

Supermarket Intermittent Unresponsiveness Postmortem

Approximately two hours after Supermarket became the official community site it started to experience increased latency and intermittent unresponsiveness. This made downloading cookbooks problematic and effected various sites including,,, and We are sorry for the problems

Supermarket Grand Opening

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Supermarket – the new Chef community site! On July 7th, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT (2014–07–07 19:00 UTC) we will close the old community site and redirect all traffic to

Changes to the Contributor License Agreement Process

With the soft-opening of Supermarket, we updated the process for signing a Contributor License Agreement, CLA. Supermarket has already started tracking CLAs. Unfortunately, because of the way this data has been stored in the past, we were not able to

Soft-Opening the Supermarket

We are so excited to announce the soft-opening of Supermarket – the new Chef Community site. With a clean, responsive design and an open-source foundation, the doors have opened and are we are ready for our first visitors. The current

New Book: ‘Managing Windows Servers with Chef’ by John Ewart

The Chef Community delivers yet again. John Ewart, a system architect, software developer, and lecturer based in California, recently published, “Managing Windows Servers with Chef” which can be purchased here. Here’s an overview of John’s book: Discover how Chef can

Security @Adobe Details Chef-Automated Security Testing

Our good friends at Adobe have been awesome about providing technical insight into their use of Chef in the past. Yesterday, their lead security strategist Peleus Uhley, continued this trend with a very informative blog detailing Chef-automated security testing in

Berkshelf Workflow

This article is cross-posted from There are only two fundamental assumptions for working with Berkshelf: Each cookbook is a uniquely packaged and versioned artifact You have a centralized artifact store that exposes a dependency API and/or is indexable by

New Book: Chef in Action by Dimitri Aivaliotis

Awesome Chefs make many tremendous contributions to the betterment of the entire Chef Community each and every day. Today is no different and in this post we’ll highlight an especially notable achievement by Dimitri Aivaliotis, a system architect and Chef