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Chef Development Kit

Ohai Chefs, The first version of Chef Development Kit (a.k.a. Chef DK) is here. What is Chef DK? Chef DK is a package that contains all the development tools you will need when coding Chef. It combines the best of

Release: Chef Client 11.12.2

Ohai folks, We have had 3 regressions for the Chef Client 11.12.0 release that we’ve shipped on Tuesday: CHEF-5198 - Content Length Mismatch against gzip url CHEF-5199 - Unable to preform cookbook upload with any cookbook that has “return” in it. OHAI-562

Chef Management Console Released to Hosted Enterprise Chef

Chef Manage has now replaced the original management console in Hosted Enterprise Chef! It represents a complete reworking of the online Chef experience, bring more usability, power, and functionality to manage your infrastructure from the browser than ever before. Improvements

Release Candidates: Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.0

Ohai chefs, Today we’ve shipped release candidates for Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.0. These two releases also include release candidates for ohai & mixlib-shellout. Chef Client 11.12.0 RC1 includes: ohai 7.0.0 RC2 mixlib-shellout 1.4.0 RC1 Chef Client 10.32.0 RC1 includes:

Management Console Enterprise Chef Add-on 1.2.1 Released

Hello! We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Management Console for Enterprise Chef 11, 1.2.1. Please contact for details on obtaining this release. Several new configuration options exist to implement the functionality detailed

Release: Chef Client 11.12.0.alpha.1 with Ohai 7.0.0.rc.0

Ohai chefs, As you know the next major version of Ohai (7.0.0) has been in the release candidate phase for a while now. You can learn about it more in our previous blog post or in Ohai 7 Release Notes.

AIX 6.1 / 7.1 Chef Client 11.10 Preview Release

Ohai Chefs, It’s always exciting when Chef makes its way to a new platform. Today we’re announcing the availability of the preview release of Chef Client 11.10 for the PowerPC-based AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 operating systems. While this preview

knife-ec2 0.8.0 released

Ohai Chefs. We’ve released knife-ec2 0.8.0, now available for gem install on your workstation. This release includes improvements around connectivity options for the bootstrap process, particularly for VPC instances. THANK YOU! to all of our contributors for your work on

Chef Client Patch Release: 11.10.4

Hey folks, With the help of Jon we have identified two regressions in Chef Client 11.10.2: CHEF-5048 & CHEF-5052. Today we’ve released a new version 11.10.4 which fixes these two regressions. If you are using application cookbook, you will run into

Chef Version Updates

Hello! Recently, Chef became aware of a security vulnerability in the version of libyaml we were using. We were nearing release for several of our products, and took the opportunity to do a sweep of some others. The following releases