Success with Web-Scale IT Automation

Financial Services

GE Capital

Watch Justin Arbuckle, Chief Architect for GE Capital, present “Hunting the DevOps Whale in Large Enterprises” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Company Automates Large-Scale Virtualized Infrastructure, Empowering Engineering with Service-Oriented Architecture to Turbo-Charge Application Development

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Schuberg Philis

Dutch IT Outsourcing Leader Deploys Chef Enterprise Chef™ to Automate Configuration of Entire Hybrid Cloud Application Stack, from Compute, Network and Storage Infrastructure to Application Delivery

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Leading E-Commerce Company with Presence in 14 Countries Uses Chef to Automate Cloud Infrastructure and Manage Rapid Deployment of New Infrastructure and Applications.

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Watch Rob Cummings, infrastructure engineer at Nordstrom, present the “DevOps Roller Coaster” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a platform on which companies create customer communities that let their customers interact with each other, be heard, and find resolution. To ensure maximum flexibility and resiliency for its online community platform, Get Satisfaction automated configuration management and application delivery with Chef™.

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Watch Yahoo’s Jordan Dea-Mattson and Jer Wuenschel present, “Chef at Scale: Patterns for Success, Take One” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Gaming / Media


Watch John Bellone, Tech Lead of Web Operations at Bloomberg, present, “Enterprise DevOps: Fast is as Slow as We Go” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Cheezburger is one of the largest social humor sites on the Internet. To keep the laughs coming, the company deployed Chef™ to automate configuration management for its hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Prezi helps millions of users easily visualize and share their ideas. To stay ahead of user demand and innovate faster, Prezi automated its infrastructure with Chef.

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Big Data



DreamHost is bringing cloud storage and cloud computing to the masses with its new DreamObjects and DreamCompute services. To deliver maximum reliability with minimal cost to customers, DreamHost automated its infrastructure with Chef™.

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Learn how Rackspace uses Chef as the primary automation engine for its DevOps automation solution.

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Higher Education

Marshall University

Automating Systems Reduces Management Time and Inspires Innovation for One of West Virginia's Largest Public Universities.

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University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota supports the tech needs of 20,000 students with five IT admins. Chef helps ensure configuration management isn't on their to-do list.

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University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School

The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School supports thousands of students and faculty with a hybrid IT infrastructure. To simplify management and improve agility, Wharton Computing, the school's IT division, automated with Chef™.

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Other Awesome Companies Stirring Up Delight with Chef