Success with Web-Scale IT Automation

Financial Services

GE Capital

Watch Justin Arbuckle, Chief Architect for GE Capital, present “Hunting the DevOps Whale in Large Enterprises” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Company Automates Large-Scale Virtualized Infrastructure, Empowering Engineering with Service-Oriented Architecture to Turbo-Charge Application Development

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Schuberg Philis

Dutch IT Outsourcing Leader Deploys Chef Enterprise Chef™ to Automate Configuration of Entire Hybrid Cloud Application Stack, from Compute, Network and Storage Infrastructure to Application Delivery

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Bonobos is the largest men's apparel brand to launch online in the US. To keep its e-commerce business running smoothly, the company uses Chef™ to automate configuration management and application deployments in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.

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Watch Rob Cummings, infrastructure engineer at Nordstrom, present the “DevOps Roller Coaster” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Watch Jeffrey Einhorn, Group Manager Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture at Target, present, “Pursuing New Ideas in a Large Enterprise – Innovation, an automation account” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Wanelo is a community for all the world's shopping, bringing together stores, products, and people on a single social platform. To keep the platform open for business 24x7, Wanelo deployed Enterprise Chef™ to configure its Joyent cloud and execute with a DevOps mindset.

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Web helps millions discover, share and preserve their family history. Using Chef®, can rapidly improve its time to market for new services, while reducing costs.

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Fanhattan is redefining entertainment discovery. To power the revolution, they automated their Amazon EC2 cloud with Chef™ and increased productivity 10X.

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Gaming / Media


Watch John Bellone, Tech Lead of Web Operations at Bloomberg, present, “Enterprise DevOps: Fast is as Slow as We Go” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Cheezburger is one of the largest social humor sites on the Internet. To keep the laughs coming, the company deployed Chef™ to automate configuration management for its hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Prezi helps millions of users easily visualize and share their ideas. To stay ahead of user demand and innovate faster, Prezi automated its infrastructure with Chef.

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Riot Games

Watch Jeff Hackert, Engineering Manager at Riot Games, present, “There, I Fixed it! - Building Humane Automation Systems” at #ChefConf 2014.

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Big Data


Pioneer in data-driven marketing intelligence deploys Chef™ to automate hybrid infrastructure, accelerating development velocity and improving infrastructure control

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Splunk brings operational intelligence to the cloud with its Splunk Storm service. To attain the agility necessary to deliver its SaaS offering, Splunk created a continuous delivery pipeline with Chef.

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Cycle Computing

Spinning up an Unprecedented High Performance Computing Cluster Using Cycle Computing's CycleCloud Technology Provides Biomedical Giant with Instant Datacenter for Protein Binding Research Project.

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Learn how Rackspace uses Chef as the primary automation engine for its DevOps automation solution.

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Higher Education

Marshall University

Automating Systems Reduces Management Time and Inspires Innovation for One of West Virginia's Largest Public Universities.

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University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School

The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School supports thousands of students and faculty with a hybrid IT infrastructure. To simplify management and improve agility, Wharton Computing, the school's IT division, automated with Chef™.

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Other Awesome Companies Stirring Up Delight with Chef