Configuration Management


Pioneer in data-driven marketing intelligence deploys Chef™ to automate hybrid infrastructure, accelerating development velocity and improving infrastructure control

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Stratalux delivers cloud-based managed services to innovative companies like the World Golf Tour. To keep their infrastructure running smoothly, Stratalux turned to Chef.

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University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School

The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School supports thousands of students and faculty with a hybrid IT infrastructure. To simplify management and improve agility, Wharton Computing, the school's IT division, automated with Chef™.

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Cloud Management


Prezi helps millions of users easily visualize and share their ideas. To stay ahead of user demand and innovate faster, Prezi automated its infrastructure with Chef.

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Schuberg Philis

Dutch IT Outsourcing Leader Deploys Chef Enterprise Chef™ to Automate Configuration of Entire Hybrid Cloud Application Stack, from Compute, Network and Storage Infrastructure to Application Delivery

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