There is one Chef Server, and it is Open Source

Chef is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, from tiny startups to the largest companies in the world, to create businesses where infrastructure moves as fast as software. One thing that binds all these different companies together, regardless of size, is this critical fact:

The people who build and manage infrastructure are the people who best understand the unique requirements that make their businesses special.
That means that, when it comes to deciding how infrastructure automation should work, in the end, the people who run the business are the experts. I may be great at using Chef to tackle all sorts of interesting problems, but how to apply that knowledge depends entirely on the unique requirements of that business.

It is this reality that is leading most of us to build the future of our businesses on Open Source software. We just aren’t interested in waiting for, or pretending, that a closed source vendor understands our needs better than we do. We know it isn’t true.

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Welcome (more and more) new Chefs

Here’s yet another post in our ongoing series of blogs about the many new engineers joining our team. Get to know a little bit more about the awesome folks who have jumped on-board our ship to make Chef even more delightful.

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New Supermarket Features: Fieri and Contingent Cookbooks

We’ve got a couple of new features to announce for Supermarket.


The first is a new tab called “Foodcritic” that shows up when you are viewing a cookbook. Now, when you upload a cookbook, Supermarket will make a background request to a new service we wrote, called Fieri. Fieri will run foodcritic against the cookbook and send the results back to Supermarket. The results are what is shown in the “Foodcritic” tab. Note that this process only happens when you upload a cookbook. Cookbooks that haven’t been updated since the launch of this feature won’t have that tab available until they’re updated.

Behind the scenes, when you upload a cookbook, Supermarket is posting some information about your cookbook to Fieri, which is a Sinatra app. Fieri runs foodcritic against your cookbook in a background job, and when the job completes, gathers the information that foodcritic reports, and posts that information back to Supermarket, where it is stored alongside your cookbook.

Contingent Cookbooks

Previously, when you viewed the “Dependencies” tab for a cookbook, you only saw the dependencies for the cookbook in question. Now, you can see not only dependencies, but cookbooks that are contingent upon the cookbook in question as well. Right now, we only show one level deep in the dependency graph, but it has still proven to be very useful. Enjoy!

New Book: “Customizing Chef” by Jon Cowie

The fine folks at O’Reilly just published our good friend and Awesome Chef Jon Cowie‘s (Etsy) book Customizing Chef. This book is a must read for anyone who has already gone through our Fundamentals webinar series, or is using Chef beyond the beginning stages.

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We Do Not Sell Vacuum Cleaners

[Scene opens on an idyllic suburban neighborhood where a salesman in an ill-fitting suit and sporting well-greased hair approaches the door of a quaint, one-story brick home.]


[Man knocks. A cheerful yet cautious woman opens the door. ]

Salesman: “Hello Ma’am! I‘m from Acme Vacuums! I’m ready to delight you with our awesome cleaning products!”

[Woman goes from cautious to very suspicious, like a rabbit listening to a lipstick pitch from a fox.]

Woman: “Well, I already use the Wiley Electro Mop. It works fine. It has five interchangeable nozzles.”

Salesman: “Oh dear, oh dear! Only five Nozzles!”

[Man projects the kind of incredulousness that only comes from being very used to being incredulous.]

“Well, you’re lucky I’m here. Those new houses round the corner all use our seven-nozzle version. It’s a good thing I got to you in time, before the dirt overcame you entirely!”

[Man looks at woman pityingly]

Woman: “But I don’t need seven nozzles. That’s too much suction for my house. And I would have to teach my husband how to use it. That could take a while…”

Salesman: “Ma’am, why don’t we go inside and I can describe in detail the training plans we have in place to assist people like your husband. Fear not! You are not alone on this journey to cleanliness!”

[Woman is offended and angry.]

Woman: “My house was clean before you got here and will be clean afterwards… Go away!”

[Door slams.]

[Man goes into his case, puts on a mask and practices a new accent. Knocks.]

For some, selling software can be a lot like this depiction of a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman from the Fifties. It’s all about the vacuum and its features and nothing about the house.

What we sell at Chef is a new way of operating your business. A way that delivers better targeted product to your customers faster than ever before. We have a tool, called Chef, which makes some of this possible. But to complete the journey, you need to be ready to work hand-in-hand with us to change how you operate, and, more importantly, how you leverage the resources and creativity of your technical professionals. It isn’t about buying yet another tool. No matter how cool. And no matter how many cool companies are already using it.

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Webinar recording: Chef for Containers

Tom Duffield gave a webinar on managing containers, including Docker, with Chef earlier today. Tom’s presentation includes a great overview of Docker and insights into why and how you can use Chef to improve your container workflow.

If you weren’t able to see the webinar live, here’s a recording:

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Chef Releases Chef 12 to Power DevOps Practices in the Enterprise

Company Converges to Single Source Code Base and Introduces Tiered Subscription Model to Deliver Web-Scale IT in the Enterprise

IT Automation Platform Delivers Comprehensive Integration with Windows PowerShell DSC, VMware vCloud Air, and Amazon Web Services

SEATTLE – September 8, 2014 – Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today released Chef 12, the next generation of its market-leading IT automation platform. Chef 12 delivers a single, open-source code base augmented by premium features, enabling maximum open-source innovation and delivering that value for commercial customers. Chef 12 includes new high availability, replication, and analytics capabilities.

Chef 12 also provides comprehensive integration with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), VMware’s vSphere and vCloud Air, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). These integrations strengthen Chef’s position as the foremost platform for automating IT infrastructure and application delivery across Windows, Linux, and Unix, in the data center or on any combination of cloud platforms.

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Chef Brings DevOps Platform and Practices to Windows and Microsoft Azure

New Chef Integration with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Enables Users to Automate Workloads and Accelerate Application Delivery In Both Windows and Linux Environments

SEATTLE – September 8, 2014 –Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced new integration with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), enabling developers and operations teams to best implement DevOps practices on the journey to web speed and scale. Chef also today announced its next-generation IT automation platform, Chef 12 (see separate release), with a new comprehensive suite of enterprise features for high availability (HA), replication, and analytics.

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Chef Delivers DevOps Automation for VMware vCloud Air

Today we announced interoperability with VMware vCloud Air, helping create a DevOps workflow that accelerates software and service delivery. Chef provides a single platform for automating heterogeneous systems in both virtualized and hybrid cloud environments. By delivering interoperability with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air, Chef will enable VMware customers to more easily manage data center workloads and streamline migrations to the cloud.

Read on for the details of our new capabilities for VMware vCloud Air…

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Release: Chef Client 11.16.0 & Ohai 7.4.0

Ohai Chefs,

Today we’ve released Chef Client 11.16.0 and Ohai 7.4.0. The releases contain the following changes:

Chef Client 11.16.0

  • MacOS: Fix dscl user provider to be able to manage home and password at the same time
  • Support for  PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Windows
  • Update to OpenSSL 1.0.0n on Windows and 1.0.1i on all other platforms
Ohai 7.4.0
  • Ohai PowerShell plugin

OpenSSL Security Update

This release includes OpenSSL 1.0.1i (1.0.0n on Windows) in response to the 2014-08-06 OpenSSL Security Advisory. You should update to this version if these vulnerabilities affect you.

Special thanks to Jesse Hu for bringing to our attention that the last release of the client didn’t get the updates. Jesse, you’re this release’s MVP for watching out for all of us.

Our thanks go out to:

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