On Joining Chef

As many of you in the Community have seen by now, I recently joined Chef as a Vice President (more on what in particular I will be up to in a minute).

I first came across the open source Chef project while working at ThoughtWorks, where we got to experiment with various new technologies in order to find the best solutions to solve our customers’ problems. Chef began to crop up more and more frequently in our internal discussions of which tools had been effective, and I was sufficiently impressed that it got a few mentions in the Continuous Delivery book that Dave Farley and I published in 2010.

Four years later, Chef — both the product and the company — is going from strength to strength. I have seen many companies use Chef’s platform to enable their move to continuous delivery, and I’m excited about our plans for the future. I am delighted to have the chance to be part of its evolution and growth — and to count among my colleagues some of the people I admire most in our community.

Now back to what I’ll be doing. My focus will be to grow a high velocity organization that delivers the most awesome customer experience in the industry. Organizational culture and development are topics that form the core of my forthcoming book, Lean Enterprise, and I am super excited that Chef has asked me to be part of further developing their high performance culture.

I’ll be writing periodic updates both here and at http://continuousdelivery.com/. You can also follow my progress on Twitter — and I’m hoping to make it to as many Chef community events as I can, starting with FlowCon in San Francisco.

Jez Humble Joins Chef as Vice President of Development Velocity

Continuous Delivery Pioneer to Play Leadership Role at Chef as Enterprise DevOps Adoption Surges

SEATTLE – August 20, 2014 – Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced Jez Humble has joined the company as vice president of development velocity. Humble is the co-author of the highly influential book Continuous Delivery:Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation. A noted speaker and lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, Humble is widely regarded as one of the premier leaders in agile software delivery practices and the implementation of positive organizational change. At Chef, Humble will play a leadership role in shaping Chef’s own engineering processes and will guide Chef’s continuous delivery solutions strategy amidst surging enterprise DevOps adoption.

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Release: Chef Client 10.34.0 & Ohai 6.24.0

Ohai chefs,

Today we have released Chef Client 10.34.0 and Ohai 6.24.0. These releases contain important bug fixes and improvements that has been blockers to the Chef users who are on Chef 10.

The MVP of this release is again Phil Dibowitz. Thanks Phil for your continuous support to us while maintaining Chef 10.

Here is the full list of changes in these releases:

Chef Client 10.34.0

  • Phil Dibowitz: ‘group’ provider on OSX properly uses ‘dscl’ to determine existing groups
  • options attribute of mount resource now supports lazy evaluation. (CHEF-5163)
  • Fix OS X service provider actions that don’t require the service label to work when there is no plist. (backport CHEF-5223)
  • Set Net::HTTP open_timeout. (backport CHEF-1585)
  • Fix RPM package version detection (backport Issue 1554)
  • Support for single letter environments.
  • Add password setting support for Mac 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 to the dscl user provider.

Ohai 6.24.0

  • Phil Dibowitz: linux::filesystem now reads all of /proc/mounts instead of just 4K
  • Phil Dibowitz: Use lsblk instead of blkid if available.
  • Phil Dibowitz: linux::network should handle ECMP routes


We have had some conversations about the supported Chef versions in the approaching major release Chef 12 with our community. As a result, we’ve decided to drop support for Chef Client 10 this October when Chef Client 12 ships.

We will continue to ship Chef Client 10 with contributions and required security fixes until 12/31/2014. If you want to get more information about this and Chef 12 check out the recently approved Chef RFC here.

How to get it?

As usual you can get this release with our install script on non-windows platforms:

curl -L https://www.getchef.com/chef/install.sh | sudo bash -s -- -v 10.34.0

You can check out our install page for more options or download this release for Windows using this link:

Chef Client 10.34.0 Windows MSI

If you have any problems with this release, you can file an issue at GitHub.

Webinar: Migrating Enterprise IT to AWS

Here at Chef we have the privilege to share all kinds of innovation, community news and compelling events with you via the blog. I’m particularly happy to invite you to a webinar we’re hosting this week with Scholastic. If you are actively transitioning your IT or Dev organization (or just planning) come find out how this nearly 100 year old publishing company has accomplished their own modernization initiative with automation and cloud.

Daryn McCool, an IT leader with Scholastic will walk us through how they approached their transition to AWS. Join Daryn, me and Chris Munns from AWS as we cover key considerations, including:

    • Legacy workload migration and architecture
    • Security in public IaaS
    • Agility & Elasticity improvements
    • Culture change in IT
    • Introducing new Dev Tooling
    • Cloud costs and accounting
Please join us Thursday by registering here.


Release: Chef Client 11.14.6 & Ohai 7.2.4

Ohai Chefs,

Today we have released a patch release, 11.14.6, for Chef Client with some regression fixes and enhancements. We needed to skip 11.14.4 since we’ve realized that a couple of fixes slipped through the cracks and wasn’t included in 11.14.4 after tagging.

Huge thanks to Rory Savage, Hugo Lopes Tavares, Zuhaib Siddique, Alex Slynko, Phil Dibowitz, Matt Mencel & Tim Smith for trying out our recent 11.14.2 release, reporting these regressions, working with us to fix them and making this release happen. Thanks for making Chef solid for all!

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Fix a regression on the environment resource on windows.
  • Fix RPM package version detection.
  • Ensure negative duration values are not reported for Chef Actions.
  • Add password management support for Mac 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9.
  • Fix a regression around freebsd_package on Chefspec.
  • http_proxy and related config vars no longer clobber already set ENV vars
  • all http_proxy configs now set lowercase + uppercase versions of ENV vars
  • https_proxy / ftp_proxy support setting http:// URLs (and whatever mix and match makes sense)

This release also includes Ohai 7.2.4 with following bug fixes.

As usual you can get this release with our install script on non-windows platforms:

curl -L https://www.getchef.com/chef/install.sh | sudo bash -s -- -v 11.14.6

You can download this release for Windows using this link:

Chef Client 11.14.6

If you have any problems with this release, you can file an issue at GitHub.

Chef Server 11.1.4 Release

Hello Chefs,

We are happy to announce that the 11.1.4 release of the open source Chef Server is now available. This is primarily a bug fix release.

This release includes a bump in OpenSSL from 1.0.1h to 1.0.1i, as we announced in a previous post.

Other notable changes include:

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Cookbook Dependency API Postmortem

On Tuesday, August 12th at 15:10 UTC, the cookbook dependency API provided by Supermarket became unusable. We are very sorry for this outage and interruption to workflow. In this post, I will explain what happened and the mitigation steps we are taking to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Welcome More New Chefs!

Continuing our series of updates on the new Chefs joining our engineering corps., we have another group of three delightful folks who have come on board.

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Supermarket Dependency API Errors – Postmortem Meeting

Earlier this morning, a Supermarket code deployment caused the dependency API at /universe to start returning errors. Redis became unreachable, resulting in Berkshelf v3.x clients failing to resolve dependencies.

At Chef, we conduct postmortem meetings for outages and issues with the site and services. Since Supermarket belongs to the community, we would like to invite you, the community, to listen in or participate in public postmortem meetings for these outages.

When: August 13th, 2014 11:00 PDT (2014–08–13 18:00 UTC)

Where: Google Hangout link to be provided 5 minutes prior to the meeting via @cwebber and @chef, as well as in #chef on irc.freenode.net

“Enjoy the Work”: Finding the work/life balance

Recently MongoDB CEO Max Schireson wrote a compelling and personal blog about why he was stepping down as the company’s CEO. Max’s post on his struggle to find balance with his professional and personal lives sparked conversation here at Chef, with a number of folks weighing in via our company’s internal social network (we use Yammer).

Adam Jacob was kind enough to say, “CEO-ing ain’t easy” (thanks Adam!) and after I shared my own thoughts, several colleagues encouraged me to publish my perspective on Chef’s blog.

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