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Guest editorial: “How to find your continuous delivery rhythm” by Jez Humble

The third entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Jez Humble, author of the book Continuous Delivery and principal at ThoughtWorks. Jez examines how the lower cost of product development means companies

Web-Scale IT is here

The way we consume goods and services has fundamentally changed. Thanks to companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, we expect delightful, intuitive, always-on digital experiences. And it’s not just consumers. Businesses have the same expectations. The web innovators changed the

Chef Reports Surge in Business and New Platform Features as Enterprises Shift to Web-Scale IT

Company’s Q2 Incremental Recurring Revenue Grows 182 Percent Year-Over-Year with a Quarterly Record Number of New Customers New Chef Capabilities for Automated Infrastructure Testing, Container Integration, and an Analytics Platform Bring Benefits of Web-Scale IT to the Enterprise SEATTLE –

Rally Software Unifies Developers and IT Operations with Chef to Rapidly Deliver New Services

Software Management Provider Chooses Chef to Automate Virtualized Infrastructure, Accelerate Application Development, and Tighten Customer Feedback Loop SEATTLE – July 15, 2014 – Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced that Rally Software, a leading global provider of

Guest Editorial: “Build fast, then build right” by Kate Matsudaira

The second entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Kate Matsudaira, founder of popforms. Kate takes a look at the various degrees of speed and scale at play in IT today, and

Highlights from Velocity 2014

We had a ton of fun at Velocity last week! Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth, our hack, our sessions, or stopped us in the hallway for a chat. And thank you to the whole O’Reilly

#ChefTalks: Culture and Diversity in DevOps w/Rachel Chalmers and Jez Humble

Today we have another video in our ongoing #ChefTalks video series. Once again, Rachel Chalmers and Jez Humble are providing fresh perspectives and insights into culture, diversity, and change in IT. The below video provides a quick look at culture

#ChefTalks: “Realities of Cultural Change” w/ Jez Humble and Rachel Chalmers

We’re continuing our new series of #ChefTalks videos with an insightful segment from Jez Humble and Rachel Chamlers. In today’s video, Jez and Rachel discuss the challenges and realities of cultural change within organizations. With clear and informed perspectives, this

Hang w/Chef @ Velocity Next Week

We’re pumped to be at Velocity again this year and can’t wait to be on the ground in Santa Clara next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We hope you’ll join us for a bunch of awesome Chef happenings, including: We’re hosting

#ChefTalks: Target and on Cultural Change and Speed in Enterprise IT

A few months back at #ChefConf we had the opportunity to connect some very cool people for a series of “#ChefTalks: Kitchen Chats” on-site at the show. In short, we put together smart people to discuss what’s really going on